Scott Cohlmeyer competes in a race.
Effort in place to grow provincial alpine ski racing outside Marble Mountain

The competitive alpine ski racing season is over in this province, but there’s still a finish line on the horizon for organizers of the sport.

Any conversation of alpine racing in Newfoundland and Labrador begins and ends with Marble Mountain, despite the presence of two other downhill ski resorts — White Hills in Clarenville and Smokey Mountain in Labrador City. That’s something people like Marble Mountain Alpine Racing Team coach Steve May would like to see change.

The Steady Brook resort is home to a SnowStars program, which featured 33 kids between the ages of 6 and 11 this ski season. It serves as a feeder system into the actual race team, which boasted 16 members this year, once kids reach the appropriate age and are equipped with the desire to continue what they started.

If such a system was to be implemented at either, or both, of the other two resorts, the provincial racing scene would soon see a drastic revitalization.

“That’s certainly the logical progression,” said May, of whether a SnowStars program, or something similar, would lead to legitimate racing teams being incorporated at White Hills or Smokey Mountain.